Advanced Water Submetering for Multi-Family Communities and Commercial Properties

Cut your water utility expenses and increase your property's value with Kaptech Water Submetering!

If you’re the owner or property manager of an apartment or condominium complex, mobile home community, resort or commercial property, your water and sewer bill is likely one of your largest monthly expenses. Metering through a master meter and using a flat-rate or Ratio Utility Billing System (RUBS) allocation method is very likely not recapturing these expenses. By accurately billing your tenants for the water they use, submetering from Kaptech Water Submetering can solve this problem while increasing your NOI and the value of your property.

What is Water Submetering?

Water submetering involves the installation of individual metering devices in each tenant unit that monitors their individual water usage. Rather than using a single master meter and charging tenants a uniform utility bill as part of their rent, submetering each unit allows for accurate individualized readings and billing. It puts the tenant in control of their water bill and takes the expense off your books.

What does Kaptech Water Submetering do?

Kaptech Water Submetering is a full-service sustainability company that installs state-of-the art water meters that accurately and automatically report readings every 15 minutes to an electronic portal. Once installation is complete, we provide complete billing services, providing each tenant with an individualized invoice for their monthly water use and a detailed accounting to you.


  • Conservation
  • Fast Leak Detection
  • Increase Property Value


  • Automated Usage Data
  • Easy Installation
  • Cellular Service

How It Works

  • Individual Unit Meters Installed
  • Water Usage Data Collected
  • Regular Usage Reports


Let Kaptech Water Submetering show you and your team how water submetring can deliver increased income, value and water conservation for your property. Shift the financial responsibility for water to your tenants!

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