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Kaptech Water Submetering is a full-service sustainability company that specializes in installing cutting-edge water meters that automatically report readings every 15 minutes to an electronic portal. If you're an owner or property manager of an apartment complex, condominiums, mobile home community, resort, or commercial property, you're likely familiar with the significant monthly costs of water and sewer bills. Traditional methods like flat-rate or Ratio Utility Billing System (RUBS) allocation often fail to recapture these expenses accurately.

With water submetering, individual metering devices are installed in each tenant unit, allowing for precise monitoring of their water consumption. Submetering empowers tenants to take control of their own water bills while freeing you from the burden of these costs. We handle everything from installation to complete billing services, ensuring that each tenant receives an itemized invoice for their monthly water usage while providing you with detailed accounting.

The inspiration behind Kaptech originated when we were upgrading the lighting system of a condominium high-rise building to improve energy efficiency. The homeowners' association (HOA) faced difficulties identifying leaks between floors and needed a solution to accurately find areas of leaking, and at the same time, measure and charge unit owners for their water usage. Existing technology did not provide a straightforward answer because of the difficulty of the water line locations. As we researched more HOA’s, we found deficiencies of how current submetering systems worked. We decided to develop a system that professionally captures water data offering features that solved many issues HOA’s and rental properties have when offering water submetering to their residents. One main focus was finding utility-grade equipment known for its high quality, long life and the ability to run over cellular and a long lasting battery because of difficult locations of these water pipes. The greatest benefit of water submetering is the conservation fact that when people understand their direct personal costs to using water, the more they understand how waste can be prevented.

Mrs. Kaplan, the driving force behind Kaptech, was born in California and grew up in Washington State. In her own words, “growing up, I was exposed to and participated in our large organic family garden, bio-dynamic composting, recycling, and was surrounded by nature and the Native American culture in the Pacific Northwest. I learned the importance of sustainability and of being a good steward of the environment”. Meanwhile, Mr. Kaplan has been involved with sustainability and recycling for over 45 years, from when he was a young boy. At his Cleveland family’s auto recycling business, Pearl Road Auto Wrecking & Salvage Inc. he learned the value of renewable and nonrenewable resources as well as how to recycle vehicles to their lowest denominator. Auto recycling is the oldest, most complete process type of recycling in the world. Jon designed one of the first vehicle dismantling buildings. Companies from across the US and one from Australia visited to emulate his process.

As an expert in renewables, Mr. Kaplan always has his finger on the pulse of where the industry is trending. As the US and local governments implemented incentives that made renewables a financially viable solution, he installed one of the first urban commercial wind turbines on his property and consequently started a company called Pearlwind to focus on businesses that want to mitigate their reliance on fossil fuels and help reduce pollution in our environment. Mr. Kaplan shifted towards solar energy generation and energy efficient lighting sources because after the experience of a wind turbine, solar turns out to be much easier to obtain and maintain. He says, “Solar Savings are No Longer a Small Ray of Sunshine!” in 2010, he was awarded “Who to watch in Sustainability '' by Crain's Cleveland Business.

Past lighting clients that were pleased with past project work that Jon and the Pearlwind team executed are again revisiting Pearlwind to begin implementing solar, battery and other sustainability plans. Solar compliments efficient lighting inside their facilities and in their parking lots. A tribute to Mr. Kaplan’s ability to deliver quality and customer service is reinforced by his extremely high customer retention and return rate. He looks forward to the exciting, fast moving electric future and the direction of renewables and recycling on the planet.

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At Kaptech Water Submetering, our success is driven by our exceptional team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about delivering superior service and sustainable solutions. With their attention to detail and technical proficiency, accurate readings and reliable performance are guaranteed.

Our team of customer support specialists are always ready to assist with any inquiries or concerns. Our technology and software experts continuously enhance our online portal, ensuring that our clients have real-time access to water usage data, leak detection alerts, and valuable resources for water conservation.

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