Maximize Water Efficiency and Cost Control: Retail Developments Trust Kaptech Water Submetering

Retail developments thrive on providing exceptional customer experiences and maximizing profitability. However, high water consumption and the resulting costs can strain their financial performance. That's where Kaptech Water Submetering comes in.

Studies show that retail developments can reduce water consumption by up to 41% by implementing a water submetering system.

Kaptech Water Submetering, the most advanced water submetering system, is specifically designed to cater to the needs of retail developments, offering reliable and accurate water metering that empowers businesses to maximize water efficiency  and control expenses.

By implementing Kaptech Water Metering, retail developments can:

Gain Accurate Insights: Kaptech Water Submetering provides precise measurement of water usage for each retail unit, ensuring accurate billing and eliminating discrepancies.

Enhance Profitability: Retail developments can gain better financial control, optimize cost allocation, and increase profitability by accurately allocating water expenses to individual retail units.

Reduce Sewer Utilization Charges: Kaptech Water Submetering allows Retail Developments to reduce sewer charges by accurately reporting the portion that is going down the drains rather than the total water consumption, not landscape water use.

Rapid Return on Investment: Implementing Kaptech Water Submetering can lead to a rapid return on investment for Retail Developments. Reduced water usage and sewer charges can result in significant cost savings over time. 

Promote Sustainability: Water conservation is a growing concern, and retail developments have the opportunity to make a positive impact through green construction where water utilities often do not offer solutions. Kaptech Water Submetering enables retail developers to measure and monitor water usage, empowering them to implement sustainability initiatives.

ESG Reporting: Kaptech Water Submetering allows Retail Developments to accurately report water usage and conservation measures. Data can be designed to your specific needs.

How Water Submetering Work?

Kaptech Water Submetering brings a cutting-edge solution to water monitoring for retail developments. Our system utilizes advanced technology to ensure accurate measurements and seamless data transmission, providing property managers with monthly insights of daily operations and cost-saving opportunities.

Precision Water Meters:  We sell and offer installation of precision in-line ultrasonic water meters in each unit within the Retail Development. These utility grade water submeters are designed to accurately measure water consumption, ensuring precise data collection. The number of meters depends on how the plumbing was installed. Data is transferred over cellular and power is obtained with an onboard battery designed to last 20 years.

Kaptech Water Monitoring System: The result of data collected from the submeters sends you the information needed for accurate billing and at the same time giving you additional leak, backflow alerts and peace of mind with 24/7/365 monitoring of the meter health for uninterrupted service.

Access to Data and Insights: Facility managers have monthly email reports sent to them, which have comprehensive water utilization and billing data for each individual unit within the commercial facility. The reports provide valuable insights such as water utilization trends and insights to better manage your water use. 

Seamless Integration with Property Management Software: Kaptech Water Submetering seamlessly integrates with third-party property management software. This integration ensures accurate billing for tenants based on their individual water consumption, facilitating a fair and transparent allocation of water and sewer costs.


Let Kaptech Water Submetering show you and your team how water submetring can deliver increased income, value and water conservation for your property. Shift the financial responsibility for water to your tenants!

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  • Conservation
  • Fast Leak Detection
  • Increase Property Value


  • Automated Usage Data
  • Easy Installation
  • Cellular Service

How It Works

  • Individual Unit Meters Installed
  • Water Usage Data Collected
  • Regular Usage Reports