Government Properties Water Management

Promoting Sustainability and Efficiency

Water conservation and efficient resource management are key concerns in today's world, and governments are increasingly recognizing the need to implement sustainable practices. As a leading provider of innovative solutions, Kaptech Water Submetering is tailored specifically for government properties. 

How Does Kaptech Water Submetering Work?

Precision Ultrasonic Water Meters: We sell and offer installation of precision in-line ultrasonic water meters for each location within the commercial facility. These water meters are designed to accurately measure water consumption, providing precise data collection which is sent to Kaptech for analysis and accurate reporting. The result is giving you the data needed and at the same time, 24/7/365 monitoring of the health of each meter for issues in cellular, battery and fraudulent activities such as cut wires. Meter pipe sizes available from ⅝” to 4 inch, call us for more options. 

Kaptech Monitoring System: The result of data collected from the submeters sends you the information needed for accurate billing and at the same time giving you additional leak, backflow alerts and peace of mind 24/7/365 monitoring of the meter health for uninterrupted service.

Access to Data and Insights: Facility officers have daily reports sent to them, which have comprehensive water utilization and billing data for each individual unit within the commercial facility. The reports provide valuable insights such as utilization trends, averages, and potential leakage alerts.

Potential Leakage and Backflow Alerts: Kaptech Water Submetering includes system health monitoring and identifies potential problems before they become issues. The system generates alerts to notify facility administrators and tenants if it detects unusual water usage that may indicate a potential leaks and backflow. This enables quick investigation and resolution of any water leakage issues.

Seamless Integration with Property Management Software: Kaptech Water Submetering can seamlessly integrate with third-party property management software. This integration ensures accurate billing for tenants, enabling proper allocation of water costs based on their individual consumption. It simplifies the billing process and promotes transparency in cost allocation.

Why Choose Kaptech Water Submetering for Government Properties?

Accurate Water Usage Measurement: Kaptech Water Submetering can measure water consumption accurately at individual units, buildings, or designated areas within government properties. By installing submeters at strategic points, we capture real-time data on water usage, empowering government administrators with valuable insights to make informed decisions.

Promoting Water Conservation: With Kaptech Water Submetering you get precise data, government administrators can identify water consumption patterns, pinpoint inefficiencies, and implement targeted conservation strategies. 

Identifying Leakages, Backflow and Wastage: Water leaks, backflow and wastage can go unnoticed, leading to substantial losses, dangerous unhealthy circumstances and unnecessary expenses. Kaptech Water Submetering’s technology enables leak and backflow detection by monitoring continuous water flow patterns. Administrators receive alerts, allowing for proactive responses to mitigate potential damage.

Compliance with Government Regulations: Government properties are subject to various regulations and sustainability mandates. Kaptech Water Submetering provides accurate data and comprehensive reports that facilitate compliance with environmental regulations. Our system ensures that government entities can demonstrate their commitment to sustainable practices and meet their obligations as responsible stewards of resources.

Data Analytics and Reporting: Kaptech Water Submetering offers intuitive reports that allows government administrators to access detailed water consumption data, generate comprehensive reports, and analyze trends over time. This valuable information aids in budgeting, forecasting, and strategic decision-making to optimize water management strategies. Custom reports can be tailored to your specific needs.


Let Kaptech Water Submetering show you and your team how water submetring can deliver increased income, value and water conservation for your property. Shift the financial responsibility for water to your tenants!

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  • Conservation
  • Fast Leak Detection
  • Increase Property Value


  • Automated Usage Data
  • Easy Installation
  • Cellular Service

How It Works

  • Individual Unit Meters Installed
  • Water Usage Data Collected
  • Regular Usage Reports