Unlock the Benefits of Submetering with Kaptech: Boost Income, Conserve Water, and Secure Your Future.

Elevate your property's financial performance with Kaptech's advanced submetering solutions. Experience the advantages of accurate tenant billing, driving increased income and property value. Say goodbye to budget fluctuations and provide your tenants with competitive rental rates, all while ensuring precise usage measurement.

Kaptech's cutting-edge technology doesn't stop there. Swiftly detect leaks and backflow, safeguarding your property from water-related damages. By capturing actual usage, our submeters enable water conservation and reduce sewer charges, promoting sustainability and cost savings.

Our low-maintenance submeters provide a rapid return on investment, even during economic downturns. With Kaptech, your financial protection remains intact, offering stability and peace of mind.

Choose Kaptech Water Submetering for optimized financial performance, water conservation, and a sustainable future. Maximize income, conserve water, and secure your property's success with Kaptech today.

What are the key benefits of Kaptech water submetering?

Increased Property Value
Demonstrate responsible water management practices, making your property more appealing to buyers and investors, ultimately increasing its value in the real estate market

More Competitive Rental Rates
Shift the responsibility of water consumption to tenants, enabling you to offer more competitive rental rates and creating a win-win situation for both you and your tenants.

Improved Income (NOI) and CAP Rate
Accurately bill tenants for water usage, recouping water expenses and boosting Net Operating Income (NOI) while improving the property's Capitalization Rate (CAP Rate), enhancing overall profitability.

Stabilized Budget
Gain better control and predictability over water-related expenses through accurate readings and individual tenant billing, allowing for effective budget planning and avoiding unexpected spikes in utility costs.

Leak and Backflow Detection
Kaptech's submetering system includes leak and backflow detection features, providing timely alerts to property management, preventing water wastage, and minimizing potential damage to your property and costly legal issues.

Water Conservation
Foster a sense of accountability among tenants, promoting water conservation as they become directly responsible for their water usage. Studies show that submetering can reduce water usage by up to 41%.

Rapid Return on Investment
Submetering offers a quick payback period, with reduced water expenses and increased revenue from tenant billing, allowing you to recoup your initial investment in a relatively short time frame.

Reduced Sewer Utilization Charges
Separate water consumption from sewer usage, resulting in significant savings on sewer utilization charges based on actual usage rather than estimates, particularly for landscape watering.

Financial Protection During Recessions
Submetering provides a layer of financial protection during economic downturns by accurately capturing and allocating water expenses, helping to mitigate financial risks and maintain stable cash flow.

Low Maintenance
Enjoy minimal maintenance requirements with submeters, eliminating annual costs. Kaptech Water Submetering goes a step further by offering meter health monitoring, ensuring continuous system operation through 24/7/365 monitoring, similar to subscribing to a burglar alarm service.

Your investment in the system installation is typically recovered within the first 12 months, often less. Since our meters last 20 years or more, it is an investment that will pay dividends for decades.


Let Kaptech Water Submetering show you and your team how water submetring can deliver increased income, value and water conservation for your property. Shift the financial responsibility for water to your tenants!

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  • Conservation
  • Fast Leak Detection
  • Increase Property Value


  • Automated Usage Data
  • Easy Installation
  • Cellular Service

How It Works

  • Individual Unit Meters Installed
  • Water Usage Data Collected
  • Regular Usage Reports