Enhance Financial Transparency and Resident Satisfaction with Kaptech Water Metering

Water management poses distinctive challenges for apartment buildings. These challenges range from ensuring equitable and precise billing to fostering a culture of water conservation and fairness among residents. Consequently, finding a dependable and efficient solution becomes paramount. Thankfully, Kaptech Water Submetering is dedicated to tackling these issues head-on.

How Does Kaptech Water Submetering Work?

Precision Ultrasonic Water Meters: We sell and offer installation of precision in-line ultrasonic water meters for each tenant unit within the apartment building. The number of meters depends on how the plumbing was installed. These water meters are designed to accurately measure water consumption, providing precise data collection which is sent to Kaptech for analysis and accurate reporting. Data is transferred over cellular and power is obtained with an onboard battery designed to last 20 years.

Kaptech Monitoring System: The result of data collected from the submeters sends you the information needed for accurate billing and at the same time giving you additional leak, backflow alerts and peace of mind with 24/7/365 monitoring of the meter health for uninterrupted service.

Access to Data and Insights: Property owners and managers have the option of a monthly daily report emailed to them, which will contain a comprehensive water utilization data report for each utility meter and broken down for each unit or submeter. The reports offer valuable insights such as utilization trends, leaks and backflow, enabling effective water management and cost control. 

Potential Leak Alerts: Kaptech Water Submetering includes system identification of potential problems before they become issues. The system generates emailed alerts to notify facility managers if it detects unusual water usage that may indicate a potential leak. This enables quick investigation and resolution of any water leakage issues.

Backflow Alerts: Kaptech Water Submetering includes system monitoring and identifies abnormal flow patterns. The system generates email alerts to notify facility owners and managers if it detects potential backflow.

Seamless Integration with Property Management Software: Kaptech Water Submetering can seamlessly integrate with your third-party property management software. This integration ensures accurate billing for tenants, enabling proper allocation of water costs based on their individual consumption. It simplifies the billing process and promotes transparency in cost allocation.

Why Choose Kaptech Water Submetering for Your Apartment Buildings?

Increased Net Operating Income (NOI) and CAP Rate: Kaptech Water Submetering allows property owners to recoup water expenses, increasing NOI. This, in turn, improves the property's overall CAP rate, making it more attractive and valuable to investors.

Increased Property Value: Kaptech Water Submetering’s ability to accurately track and allocate water costs demonstrates responsible resource management, which can attract environmentally conscious investors and tenants who value sustainable water practices.

Competitive Rental Rates: Kaptech Water Submetering shifts the financial responsibility for water consumption to tenants, allowing property owners to offer more competitive rental rates. By eliminating the inclusion of water costs in the base rent, property owners can adjust rates, making their apartments more appealing to potential tenants.

Cut your water utility expenses and increase your property's value with Kaptech Water Submetering!


Let Kaptech Water Submetering show you and your team how water submetring can deliver increased income, value and water conservation for your property. Shift the financial responsibility for water to your tenants!

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  • Conservation
  • Fast Leak Detection
  • Increase Property Value


  • Automated Usage Data
  • Easy Installation
  • Cellular Service

How It Works

  • Individual Unit Meters Installed
  • Water Usage Data Collected
  • Regular Usage Reports